Samsung A34 PTA Tax

Samsung A34
Samsung A34

In Pakistan, are you thinking about getting the Samsung A34 as your next smartphone? It’s critical to understand the tax laws governing your device as set forth by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Your go-to source for streamlining this procedure and giving you the information you require is Prices Oye.

In Pakistan, the PTA tax plays a big role when purchasing a smartphone, and the Samsung A34 is no exception. You must register your equipment and pay the applicable taxes in order to guarantee compliance with PTA regulations. To facilitate your navigation through these criteria, Prices Oye provides a thorough guide on their website.

NOTE: You will only have to pay the PTA Tax of Samsung A34 if you brought this mobile from abroad.

Visit the PTA site for registration.


PTA Tax Prices

Rs. 9,780

Rs. 11,781

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