Best Mobiles above 90,000 in Pakistan

In Pakistan, cell phones costing more than 90,000 satisfy the needs of techies and those looking for the newest features and best possible performance. These high-end gadgets frequently have flagship features like sharp screens, potent processors, amazing camera configurations, and cutting-edge software. Pricesoye is aware of the discriminating demands of its clients who are looking for the most mobile experience possible. We offer a carefully chosen assortment of these premium smartphones, assisting customers in making well-informed decisions by providing thorough details on features, evaluations, and the most recent market rates in Pakistan.

Latest mobiles above 90,000 in Pakistan

Vivo V25e

Vivo v25e

Rs. 104,999

Google Pixel 7a

Rs. 140,999

Google Pixel 7

Rs. 154,999

Samsung Galaxy A54

Rs. 156,000

Samsung Galaxy A73

Rs. 184,999

Samsung Z Flip 5

Rs. 360,000

iPhone 15

Rs. 367,900

Samsung Galaxy S23


iPhone 15 Pro

Rs. 392,800

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Rs. 460,000

Samsung Z Fold 5

Rs. 554,999

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