PTA Tax on Mobile

The term “PTA tax on iPhone” is very important to Pakistani tech enthusiasts and iPhone lovers. The price and ownership of these highly sought-after cellphones are directly impacted by this levy levied by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). We’ll break down the complicated PTA tax on iPhones in this blog post, giving you a clear roadmap to help you choose wisely when buying an iPhone in Pakistan. Knowing what this tax means is essential, regardless of whether you’re an experienced Apple customer or thinking about getting your first iPhone. Allow us to simplify the PTA tax on iPhone and its consequences for you.

Check the PTA site for registration.

PTA Tax on iPhone 11

iPhone 11

Rs. 67,308

Rs. 86,689

iPhone 11 PTA Approved Price

PTA Tax on iPhone X

iPhone X

Even years after its release, the iPhone X—a ground-breaking gadget that celebrated Apple’s tenth anniversary in the smartphone industry—remains in great demand. But it’s crucial to comprehend the iPhone X PTA tax if you’re interested in purchasing this renowned gadget in Pakistan. The iPhone X tax levied by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) can have a big impact on both the price and your experience using it. We go into the details of the iPhone X PTA tax in this blog post, giving you the knowledge you need to choose wisely while thinking about this amazing smartphone in Pakistan. Let’s simplify the complicated iPhone X PTA tax so you can make an informed buying choice.

Rs. 68,275

Rs. 87,753

iPhone X PTA Approved Price

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